There is no denying that healthcare facilities like hospitals are fully equipped with the latest technology to serve the best to their patients. They always have the top resources to provide the utmost care to the staff member, patients and visitors. 

Moreover, these spaces require timely upgradation in their equipment, and operations as every resource are precious to take optimum care of the patients and provide comfort. Among various elements to redesign and develop, the right interior LED fixtures and lights are essential aspects to be considered to offer a cosy, eye-soothing and relaxing environment within the facility. Today, every hospital is integrating LED lighting on its premises to reap several benefits. 

The fully stacked LED lighting system and smart lighting controls give users an unprecedented level of satisfaction.  Not only this, but they also offer significant reductions in energy consumption and operating costs. 

Read on to learn more about intelligent lighting usage in healthcare facilities.

How do smart lighting products help hospitals? 

The uses of smart lighting controls in a healthcare environment are virtually limitless, all thanks to their adaptability and efficiency. Hence, healthcare facilities with smart lighting capabilities have various advantages. Some of them are as follows:

Bluetooth control

With the help of IoT, Bluetooth devices are quite a great tool to control lighting–on, off or dimming with just a click from an electronic device. This may include smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. All one needs to do is to connect the lighting system to the device. And, all the settings can be done practically from anywhere at your convenience. You can do this by using high-tech Bluetooth enabled lighting devices offered by brands like Wipro Lighting.

Daylight harvesting

What better hospitals can provide to their patients other than natural light. As we all know that daylight is the best source of illumination with several health benefits. And, smart lighting has a significant feature – photosensors. They can detect how much natural light enters the space and adjust artificial illumination accordingly. This characteristic of intelligent lighting and fixtures ensures that no electricity is wasted unnecessarily. 

Occupancy sensing

Another prime benefit of smart lighting is that it can automatically turn on and off by sensing the human presence and its motion. These hi-tech luminaires contain motion sensors. They keep the lighting in the vacant room off, thus contributing to more energy and cost savings. This has a great impact on large buildings like hospitals. Some hospitals even consider smart outdoor lights to build a high reputation and come under the blanket of contributing to a sustainable economy.

Time scheduling

Even though healthcare facilities run 24/7, generally they operate at reduced capacity overnight. Fortunately, smart lighting solutions offer a time scheduling option to create a schedule that shuts down unnecessary interior LED fixtures during less busy hours of the day. 

Group editing

Traditional lights required manual switches, limiting the number of controls for each light. Whereas, intelligent lighting enables users to select and control every light individually. This will help in lighting up particular areas to increase patient comfort levels effectively. 

Scene selecting

Smart LEDs also come with the option to change colours and temperatures. Administrators can easily modify the depth and intensity of the light temperature to get the desired hue in place. They can use this feature to create an appropriate atmosphere as per the situation and need. This allows spaces to be utilized for different purposes and beautifies the space aesthetically. 

Along with these, Smart LED lights also improve safety within the facility. It can be connected and networked to cameras and sensors to work together and determine secured routes for staff, visitors and patients. 

Multiple brands offer smart lighting solutions to meet the requirements of different industries. Exploring these brands will help you know about a variety of LED lighting to give a delightful experience to patients and improve the overall productivity of the facility. For instance, inSync ™ by Wipro Lighting is an ideal lighting option to amalgamate mind, body and light in order to illuminate the space smartly.