Cleaning your home is good; keeping it clean and tidy is better, but not often easy. In order to keep a clean house, you need to adopt a few tips and good habits that will be detailed in the article!

Adopt good habits every day!

Keeping a house tidy

To keep your house clean, you first need a tidy house, in all rooms! It is very difficult to clean a room if it is not tidy, with clothes lying around everywhere, children’s toys spread out or a kitchen cluttered with dirty dishes. Tidying up is therefore the priority. Doing it as you go should be a habit.

I can’t tidy up my house!

It is important in tidying up and maintaining the home not to be the only person in the family doing housework and tidying up. Not only will you divide the workload and therefore the time spent at home, but the whole small family will be sensitized and will be more attentive. If your teenager tends to dirty the floor with his crampons when he comes back from his football training, why not have him clean the floor regularly, he will quickly realize that by adopting a more “respectful” behavior, he will gain your respect too. This is valid for everyone!

Do not set up a cleaning day!

Often a whole day is spent cleaning up, sometimes on Sundays. Can you imagine the motivation necessary to sacrifice, walk, cinema or even relaxation to polish the house? Banning the “cleaning day” is important. It is better to do a little bit every day, it goes much better and the house is always kept clean by many people. But if you find some difficulties in cleaning “some parts”, you need to hire a professional cleaning service. For example, if you want to clean all your rugs/carpets, hiring Carpet Cleaning Tooting would be a good idea.

Recommendations for proper cleaning

We go free without beating around the bush. We are teaming up accordingly. We change our outfit by putting on suitable clothes to do the housework without being afraid of getting dirty. We avoid using 50 different accessories and products, we simplify our life. The faster the tasks of the day are done the faster we move on, without rushing the work. If there is a task where you are ineffective, taking a look on the net can help you find tips to save time or gain efficiency.

How to organize to do the housework?

Set schedules to do household chores! A weekly cleaning schedule helps a lot. You don’t waste time figuring out what to do. This allows you to cut the whole household into small spots and do it with more enthusiasm! Housekeeping should become a routine that is done without having to think about it. If there are several of you, this helps to avoid arguments and to distribute the chores more evenly.

Sort the cupboards!

Sort the cupboards, separate yourself from objects, tools, dishes, trinkets, clothes and other accessories that are useless or that have been sleeping in the cupboards for years without taking them out, using them. Other than taking up dust and space and wasting time in your household they are of little interest. However, do not throw them in the trash; this is an opportunity to make a flea market, a donation to an association or other.

Declutter your house

More generally in addition to the cupboards we tend to accumulate a lot of things during the life. Even more so if you have space, you unconsciously fill the void. A piece of furniture here, a trinket there, storage spaces, papers, magazines, decoration etc. All of this happy mess adds up to the difficulty of keeping the house tidy. By creating a vacuum, your life is simplified.

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