Make Your Startup Growth Streamline with These Tools. In 2019, India bagged the award for being 3rd in producing startups in the countries with 1,390 startups launching in the same year. This number shows the importance of startups and how more and more people are launching their businesses.

Leaving behind the notion of working for others, people are coming up with their ideas to navigate the tough part of being an entrepreneur.

Starting a startup is a novel idea, but it is a difficult process. As a startup owner, you need to wear any hats. Initially, you are the designer, writer, accountant, lawyer, and so on. Until and unless you can find a good company that is willing to invest in your startup, the riding can be tough.

But with the use of the right tools, you can do a lot and scale up your business in no time. In this article, we will discuss some similar apps that can help you streamline your startup.

Here let’s look at the amazing tools that can help your startup.

1.  Slack

Research says that employees spend a lot of time reading and answering emails. That is a lot of time that can otherwise be put to use for better productivity. With Slack, this won’t be a serious problem.

Slack lets employees have a group or one-on-one conversation online which can save their time reading emails as their dependency on it reduces. For a startup, who has just opened its door to the customers, the free plan is perfect.

But in the long-run, they should get the premium plan for $6.67 per user as it has better features.

2.  Buffer

Your startup needs customers, and one of the best ways to do that is by digital marketing. Now, posting images or messages on different social media platforms is too much work. But not anymore!

With the buffer, you can post your content to all social media at the same time in a single click. It helps you schedule your posts, plan your digital campaign, and have quality content ready to go online.

It is a chrome extension that makes it easier to work with. It is free for 14 days, and after that, you have to pay for a subscription.

3.  SessionCam

You need to monitor your website’s traffic so that you know exactly how much traffic you are getting. It will help you come up with better methods to ensure that your traffic and ranking goes up.

With SessionCam, you can check how your customers navigate the website in real-time. It will help you figure out what part of the website is not clicking with them or so on. All this can help you make some tweaks to your website for better results.

4.  MailChimp

Email marketing is important for your business, and now you have a way to manage said campaigns. MailChimp has exclusive tools that can help you manage your campaigns along with studying the results.

5.  Yesware

You need to know if people are responding to your emails or not in a way you anticipated. With Yesware, the sales team can see how many people opened the emails and what is their opening rate.

It is great because you have the opportunity to better it, and also it lets you focus on a particular segment of people.

6.  Coastics

Coastics is like Google analytics, but less complex and time-consuming. With this, you can simplify the process of understanding your online marketing tactics.

It makes trawling the reports easy, and also it regularly emails you reports with actionable information, which makes taking action immediately easy.

7. Cloud Storage tools

The world is going digital and everyone is trying to limit the use of paper. Whether it is contracts or business cards or data on a project, everything is becoming paperless. Since the business has a lot of data, and they are digitizing it, they need more space than what your computer or laptop provides.

For the same, cloud storage tools are great. Apps like Google Drive, WeTransfer, or DropBox are great. They provide a lot of storage space, and easy access to data too.


A lot of times you require to send out a press release or make an important announcement regarding your business. Now, calling a press conference, or hiring a PR firm for arranging all this is an extra cost.

The better way is to use the JustReachOut tool. It will connect you with journalists who will publish your announcement or press release. The app also helps you tweak your writing and improve it so it sounds more professional and engaging.

9. Qualaroo

If you want to increase sales, you need to satisfy your customers, and know what they like or not. The best way to do so is to directly ask the customers their preferences, and so on. With Qualaroo, you can do exactly that. This tool lets you ask targeted questions like why a customer is not going beyond the log-in page or so on. Through this app, you get direct questions leading to quick improvements.

10.  Canva

As a startup, you need to design numerous visuals for your business. From logo to images for your website to business cards, and so on. All these visual elements are important as they are part of your brand identity.

Now, since you are a startup, you might not have enough budget to hire a designer, which is fine. It is because, with the help of the Canva tool, you can design all these elements yourself. Canva is best for a beginner, it has tons of images and templates that can help you create a logo or a business card within minutes. You also have the option to customize them, and you can design it so that it works on mobile or desktop.

Most features are available for users in the free version, but if you want full features, that is $12.99 per month.

With the help of these tools, you can automate a lot of your business processes. That, in turn, will help you focus on not only securing capital for your business but also to grow it exceptionally.

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