Wondering how the Coronavirus pandemic has impacted the richest tech giants in the world? Well, there has been a significant decline in their wealth during the crisis. But this doesn’t mean that people have ceased to shop online because of it. Tech items like Best Kids Tablets have become highly popular among the masses during the pandemic. This surge, in fact, has significantly contributed to some of the billionaires’ overall wealth.    

This guide will list all the top tech billionaires and their current overall wealth. Read on to know more about this:

Jeff Bezos

The net worth of Jeff Bezos is $190.6 billion. He is the richest billionaire in the whole world. He established Amazon in 1994. Amazon quickly became the largest e-commerce platform. Jeff Bezos also launched digital streaming services in 2006 under the same name. Ever since Amazon Prime Video has been giving tough competition to Netflix and Hulu extra.  

In 2020, he donated approximately $100 million to Feeding America. He also split up with his wife that cost him a total of $36.8 billion as a divorce settlement.  

Bill Gates

Bill Gates’ net worth is $114 billion. He is a popular philanthropist and software developer. Both Paul Allen and Bill Gates founded Microsoft in 1975. Microsoft launched various software, support, and electronics. They have been used worldwide ever since. Gates also started a foundation called the ‘Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’ in 2000 for education and healthcare purposes.  

In 2020, Bill Gates and his wife spent approximately $300 million to help fight the spread of the Coronavirus.

Mark Zuckerberg

The net worth of Mark Zuckerberg is around $96 billion.  He is a popular philanthropist and entrepreneur. He launched Facebook on February 4, 2004. Although he originally launched it to facilitate students to communicate with each other. But within a few months, many other people also started making accounts on this website.

The current stock price of Facebook is around $262.59. This year has not been so great for Facebook. This is because it received a fine of approximately $5 billion for not adhering to its privacy standards. However, to facilitate its workers, Mark Zuckerberg gave approximately $1000 bonus to them during the pandemic.    

Larry Ellison

The net worth of Larry Ellison is $72.9 billion. He is a renowned philanthropist and investor. He launched Oracle in 1977 along with Bob Miner and Ed Oates. Oracle is best known for its services like smart computer software and cloud-based tech. The current stock price of Oracle is about $56.20.

After spending 37 years as a CEO of Oracle, he gave up his position in 2014. In 2016, he donated around $200 million to a university for cancer-related research. He also spent a whopping amount of $300 million to buy an island.  

Steve Ballmer

The net worth of Steve Ballmer is around $71.9 billion. He is a renowned investor and philanthropist. He became the chief executive officer of Microsoft in 2000. He performed his duties as an officer for 14 years. After that, he bought the basketball team ‘Los Angeles Clippers’ in 2014.   

In 2020, he donated a significant amount of his wealth to sports employees. He collaborated with The Staples Center, LA Lakers, and LA Kings to do that.  

Larry Page

The net worth of Larry Page is around $67.8 billion. He is a renowned entrepreneur and computer scientist. He founded Google in 1998 along with Sergey Brin. Google’s search engine is one of the most widely used search engine in the whole world. Besides the search engine, he and his partner provide many other products, technologies, and software. The current stock price of Google is around $1544.61.

In 2015, he became the CEO of Alphabet. Alphabet is one of the parent companies of Google. However, in 2019, he gave up his position as CEO. But he remained a shareholder of this parent company.  

Sergey Brin

The net worth of Sergey Brin is around $66 billion. He is a quite popular entrepreneur and computer scientist. As mentioned above, he founded Google with Larry Page. Just like Larry, he became the president of Google’s parent company Alphabet. However, in 2019, he gave up his position.

Unlike Larry, he has been absent from the spotlight for much of 2019. This is because he has been working on an airship project.

Mackenzie Scott

The net worth of Mackenzie Scott is around $62.2 billion. She is a renowned novelist and philanthropist. She wrote her first novel ‘The Testing of Luther Albright’ in 2005. It became very popular and also won an award. She got married to Jeff Bezos in 1993.

However, in 2019, she filed for divorce. She received roughly $38 billion as part of the divorce settlement. After that, she became the wealthiest person in the world. She also declared to donate a significant amount of her wealth to charity in 2020.  

Ma Huateng

The net worth of Ma Huateng is around $56.8 billion. He is a popular politician and an investor. He founded a multinational organization named Tencent in 1998. This company is a provider of many Internet-related technologies and products. The stock price of Tencent is around $65.03.

He has also launched various messaging apps like WeChat. His music streaming app like Tencent Music is also highly popular among the masses.   

Jack Ma

The net worth of Jack Ma is $47.8 billion. He is best known as an investor and philanthropist. He is the founder of Alibaba Group. It was launched in 1999. And it has become one of the biggest B2B and B2C platforms in the whole world. The current stock price of Alibaba Group is $32.67.   

During the pandemic, Jack Ma has donated millions of dollars to help people with masks and medicines. In 2019, he resigned from his position as executive chairman of Alibaba.

Colin Zheng Huang

The net worth of Colin Zheng Huang is around 31.4 billion dollars. He is a popular investor and businessman. He launched Pinduoduo in 2015. This is one of the largest B2B and B2C platforms in the world. The current stock price of this company is about $95.94.

He has also launched a gaming platform named Xinyoudi. And another B2B platform called Ouku.com was also launched in the past decade.  

William Lei Ding

The net worth of William Lei Ding is around 29.3 billion dollars. He is best known as an investor and a businessman. He launched a powerful platform called NetEase in 1997. This platform provides gaming, email, and other services to its consumers. The current stock price of this company is $18.89.

So, these are the 12 richest tech billionaires in the whole world. Other rich tech billionaires include Michael Dell, Laurene Powell Jobs, and Zhang Yiming extra.

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