If you are tired of slow streaming on your iPhone, it might be a good idea to check your Internet speed. Sometimes, the Internet speeds might get slow because of the service outage issues or a virus in your device. If you are a user of quality services like Spectrum home Wi-Fi, then you can use equally effective apps for your iPhone as well. These will make sure that you are getting the advertised speeds. Here are a few such apps that will allow you to enjoy other features as well:


It is a very simple app that allows iPhone users to check speed easily. This app’s plain interface requires only one button press to do its job. You also have the option to turn the location on or off. Also, this app can detect a particular delay in data transfer.

If you want to check the speed for the entire week or month, you can do so with this app. You just need to select the ‘View details’ option. You can also generate a bandwidth report with the help of the speed calculator.  

V-SPEED Speed Test

This app is another great tool to measure speed. It also allows you to discover other features of your Internet connection like information regarding your ISP extra. Its interface is modern and slightly more complex than the SpeedSmart.

With this app, you can easily determine the download and upload speeds that you are getting. Also, you can find out about the latency issues. So, if you are having any issues with streaming or gaming on your iPhone, this is your go-to app.

Speedtest Ookala

Speedtest by Ookla is a very popular app for speed testing. It was launched in 2019 and has been getting amazing reviews from the users. The reason is that it has a very simple and user-friendly interface. Just like other apps, you can easily check download and upload speeds.

It can also check your connection for latency issues. The best part about this app is that it can keep track of these issues. So, if you get your Internet connection fixed once, you can check the speed again easily to notice the difference. If there’s no difference, then you might want to change your Internet service provider.   

Speedcheck Internet Speed Test

This app allows you to determine speeds for various kinds of connections. If you are having a hard time streaming your favorite movie without any interruption, you can easily use this app to check the upload and download speeds.

Also, this app has another feature which makes it stand out from the crowd. These features allow you to make sure whether the connection speed is enough to engage in a certain activity or not. So, this is an excellent everyday speed testing app for iPhone users.  

Speedtest Master

If you are searching for an app specially designed for iPhone, then Speedtest Master is the right choice for you. It has a very user-friendly interface. It also allows you to check the upload and download speeds of various types of connections.

It uses multiple servers from everywhere around the world to check your connection speed. So, if you are a hardcore iPhone lover, then this app ticks all the boxes in terms of compatibility, design, and ease of usage.  


It is a great app that is used by thousands of iPhone users worldwide. This app has a very smart and elegant design. The best part about this app is that it is ad-free. So, you won’t have to bear multiple pop-ups with this app.

It accurately determines the latency issues in your connection. And it can check the upload and download speeds within minutes. If you want to locate your carrier, you can easily do so with this amazing app.  

Meteor Speed Tester

This app is an excellent choice for people who use 3G and 5G Internet connections. It has a very simple interface. It also has a very plain design. This app allows you to check speeds before engaging in any kind of online activity.

It also gives you suggestions regarding how your connection’s speed can be improved. It can keep track of the speeds checked in the past. This, in turn, can allow you to compare speeds and devise plans to improve your connection.   

Bandwidth Place

This app can allow you to check your connection speed even with poor signals. After checking the download and upload speeds, you can decide whether to upgrade your Internet package or not. Checking speeds with this app can also allow you to stream your favorite TV shows without any interruptions.


With nPerf, you can check the upload and download speeds anytime and anywhere. Before you start watching your favorite TV show, you can do a speed test to make sure that everything runs smoothly. Or if you want to post something on social media, the speed test can help you to determine how long it will take to upload the post.

With this app, you can run multiple speed tests on your iPhone devices without paying anything. So, this is a very affordable option for all the iPhone users out there.   

Internet Speed Test

This is another app with a very simple and user-friendly interface. This app can also suggest some ways to enjoy tv and internet deals easily. So, if you are looking for a no-nonsense app that can straightforwardly check the speeds, this is the ideal choice for you.

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