Top 8 Insta worthy Destinations in Vietnam. Bali and Thailand are deemed to be the most Instagram worthy destinations in South East Asia while Vietnam is generally dismissed and slept on. If you have a similar stance. Well, I suggest that you give Vietnam a chance and you will be quite surprised by what it has to offer. So, let me show you guys 8 awesome Insta worthy spots that you’d want on your Insta feed by the time you are done reading this list.

Halong Bay:

One of the most popular destinations in Vietnam, Halong Bay is known for its amazing limestone caves, karsts, and emerald waters. A trip to Vietnam isn’t complete without a visit to the iconic Halong Bay and the entire area has a multitude of Insta worthy spots that are waiting to be captured and shared. Some examples of this would be the view of the bay from the top of the Bai Tho mountains, The traditional fishing villages with buildings that are right on top of the water and The limestone karsts over the evening sky. If you need small fishing boats then kinocean are the best choice. All of them are extremely beautiful and unique and will a great place to start your photography escapades.

2. Observation Deck at Lotte center Hanoi:

The Lotte Center in Hanoi is a 65-floor skyscraper that has some small attractions along with a department store, residences, restaurants, and office buildings. But, those are not what we are after here. We are here for the observation deck that is built on the 65th floor of the building. This observation deck stands 272 meters from the ground and has glass walls, floor, and ceiling which gives the deck a 360-degree view of the city. This makes for some amazing shots and it’s also one of the best viewpoints in the city.

3. Mua caves – Ninh Binh:

Just a 2-hour ride from Hanoi is Ninh Binh which has been termed as the Halong Bay of the land. That pretty much sums up how Ninh Binh is and at the heart of it all is the Mua Caves which is most famous for appearing in the film King Kong. The caves are situated at the foot of the Mua mountain and the viewpoints from the peak of the mountain overlooking the Tam Coc river weaving through the limestone mountains are a feast for the eyes and is definitely sure to get your followers jelly.

4. Sands Dunes – Mui Ne:

Yes, there are sand dunes in Vietnam, I was quite surprised when I heard about this as well and it becomes even more interesting when you find that there are no deserts around. These dunes were created by winds that moved sands from the shores of Mui Ne, a beautiful little fishing village on the south of Vietnam. The sands accumulated over time and formed multiple dunes that are scattered across the region making for some quite interesting views when you journey through the region. The chief of these are the red and white sand dunes that are frequented by quad bike enthusiasts. Definitely a great place to get some amazing dune shots without having to bear the desert heat and also rent a quad bike for around 20USD and rip up the sands. Sounds like a great day, doesn’t it?

5. Clay Tunnel – Da Lat

The clay tunnel in Da Lat is a manmade tunnel that has some amazing sculptures and shows the development of the Da Lat city from its early days to the current times. At the end of the tunnel is the statues of two heads that face each other and in the middle, you have water flowing between them. This makes for an amazing photo and the entire clay tunnel is filled with some really fun sculptures that are also great subjects to capture.

6. Hoi An night market:

Hoi An is known for its lanterns and you will find them hanging all over this ancient town. The night market of Hoi An is a very popular attraction and you have stalls here with multiple lanterns arranged on stools that make for a great photo op. You can also hop on a boat nearby on the Thu Bon River which the market overlooks and keep the dreamy lanterns as an amazing backdrop for your shots. How you use these lanterns is left entirely up to your imagination but they are definitely Insta worthy and sure to get you some dreamy shots. once you’re done stroll through the market for some amazing Vietnamese street food offerings. 

7. Cafe Apartments – Ho Chi Minh

These apartments in the Saigon area of Ho Chi Minh City used to house military officers and other high ranking officials in the Vietnamese government. Over time though as the city developed to what it is today, the tenants began renting it to businesses that led its way to become a spot where you can find multiple cafes, restaurants, book shops and co-working spaces all in one apartment building. It’s a cool little place that you can spend a lot of time in.

8. Train Street Hanoi:

This place is already an Instagram chartbuster, The trains here pass through a narrow residential street that is teeming with activity and they almost hug the walls as they pass through the street. Trains pass twice a day during the week and it is definitely not something you can say you get to see often and also makes for some brilliant shots. I would suggest timing your visit there with the train timings so that you also get to see them pass through the area. It’s definitely a sight to behold and don’t forget to hit the shutter while your jaws are hitting the floor.

So, that brings our list to the end. What do you think about Vietnam? Will you be planning your next international trip there? Do let us know if this helped and if there are any other spots that you feel should be on the list. If you need any help planning your Vietnam package, do check out Pickyourtrail. An online customized vacation company that can help you plan and book your customized itinerary. 

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