Robust business growth isn’t just about entering new markets with all possible haste. Yes, that can play a part in a growth strategy, but it needs to be underpinned by sound structures and carefully thought out processes. When multilingual markets are involved, using the right types of translation services can be key to your success. Business translation encompasses many facets, as any reputable business language services provider will tell you. 

So, let’s start with the basics. What is a business translator? A business translator is a professional linguist who has experience in translating business documents. An all-purpose business translator will work on a range of documents. However, there are times when more specialist expertise is required as part of the business translation process. Below, we’ll take a look at four such areas, all of which are required for robust business growth. 

1. Website translation services 

Your website is your window to the world. When you hire translation services, ensure they have experience in both translating and localizing business websites, so that you can access the skills you need. According to Tomedes, an enterprise that provides translation services to business customers around the globe, website translation is often misunderstood by those who’ve not undertaken it. CEO Ofer Tirosh comments:

“Many people assume that website translation is only about language conversion, but there’s actually much more to it. The entire user experience needs to translate effectively into the new culture, which means looking at everything from images and infographics to text direction and payment processing plugins. It can be a big undertaking.”

Why are business language services so important when it comes to your website translation project? Consider the fact that 81% of people search online when they want to find out about a product or service. If your brand isn’t there to connect with them in their native language, you can bet those individuals will engage with a competitor’s site instead. 

To maximize your chances of engaging successfully with overseas audiences as part of a robust growth plan, your website needs to look and feel like it was created in each language that you use. This requires skilled translation services, with linguists who can help you to localize the site as well as translate it. 

2. Marketing translation

Once you’ve prioritized which digital marketing channels you should use, it’s time to find a specialist marketing translator. Whether you’re going to be focusing your marketing efforts on social media, email marketing, video marketing, or any other kind, your campaign can live and die by the quality of its translation. 

Why is marketing translation such a specialist art? Mainly because of the skill required to not just translate the text but to deliver the messaging in a way that will really resonate with readers in the new language/culture that you are targeting. A marketing campaign that works in one country comes with no guarantees that it will work across international borders. 

Thankfully, talented marketing translators can help to mold your campaign to best fit with the cultural nuances of the new audience. They can advise where translation alone will work and where localization will work instead – or even transcreation, which is a much more radical overhaul of your marketing materials. 

3. Financial translation services

When you’re aiming for robust growth, you’ll need specialist financial translation services. This is an area of business translation that requires both sound financial knowledge and exceptional attention to detail. 

If you’re planning a global empire, you will likely need to establish partnerships of one form or another with companies overseas. They could be suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, investors, and more. Whatever the nature of the relationship, it’s likely that you will share financial information. To ensure that there are absolutely no misunderstandings as part of that process, you can use business language services to translate the financial documents. 

4. Legal translation 

The fourth of the specialist translation services you need to underpin robust business growth is legal translation. This is a highly specialized service. As Wikipedia points out, legal translation isn’t necessarily linguistically transparent – as the law is culture-dependent and the use of specific legal terms may not translate well across cultural boundaries. 

Legal translation services, therefore, are one of the pricier language services that you can buy it. But it’s money well spent. After all, spending upfront on ensuring that a contract to employ staff in a new territory uses the correct legal wording is preferable by far to spending time, energy, and money fighting a court case resulting from a mistranslated contract. 

How is the translation cost calculated? While we’re on the subject of cost, it’s worth noting that the specialism of the translator is not the only factor that affects your budget. A translation agency will also factor in how easy it is to provide particular languages that your business needs. Languages with an abundance of available translators will cost less per word than those which have fewer translators and/or are considered trickier to translate. 

So there you have it: the future success of your international business strategy is inextricably linked to accessing the right specialist business language service. Seek out a business translation agency with experience in website, marketing, financial, and legal translation services, and you will be well-positioned to put in place the multilingual structures that you need in order to succeed.

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