If you own a printer, you must be aware of the problems it creates from time to time. Even after being so useful, they can be quite annoying at times. Moreover, this can happen to any brand you own, certain printing problems are common to all.  The reason is simple, its technical nature. A gang of hardware and software is together at work to print a sheet of paper.

So you cannot expect a machine to work flawlessly throughout its life. Every now and the performance will degrade or it may stop working completely. You cannot always go out and buy a new printer as sometimes the problems are so easy to fix. You just need to apply the right troubleshooting if you have a bit of technical knowledge.

Whatever is the scenario, you must know how to fix the most common printing issues so that the workflow doesn’t get obstructed.

Here are the top 10 printer problems that most of the users have complained about along with what can be done to avoid or fix those problems:

Printer won’t print

Make sure there are no error messages on the printer’s screen, the printer is properly connected through USB, Ethernet cable and if you have the wireless one, confirm that the network is working and the device is connected to it. Also, ensure that you have installed the latest printer driver or software that is vital for the printing process. If the driver has gone outdated, reinstall the latest version. All such troubleshooting may bring your printer back to the regular printing routine.

Low Ink Warning

Low ink warnings are really common because they don’t lead to any errors and they alert you to avoid getting into trouble. The low ink warnings have been designed to appear when the ink is about to get over and you should be ready with the replacement cartridge. Moreover, if the ink runs out completely, it may cause the printer to get damaged. So you better look out for the warnings.

Paper Jams

This problem can occur in two ways- one is when the paper gets stuck in the printer’s rollers and the second is the rollers are drawing two or more sheets at the same time. Make sure you are aligning the sheets properly and the tray is not loaded with too many sheets. Also, to avoid the problem, the use of good quality paper is recommended. There are chances that the roller has got damaged, so while removing the stuck pieces from the printer, make sure the rollers are moving. 

Printer is Slow

Some printers may work like cheetah while some may perform like a turtle. The major concern is when the printer is not performing at its normal speed. You can try switching from high-quality print settings to lower ones. Another option is to uncheck the automatic duplex setting as they take time to flip the paper. Also, high-resolution images have more data to print which can also slow down the process. So if you are not printing high-quality prints, you can select draft, standard or normal mode. 

Poor Print Quality

It is another most common problem faced by printer users. You may face poor text quality or poor photo quality. You need to ensure that the printer is set up for the best quality prints in the settings. Next, you should check the quality of the paper you are using. If you are using non-genuine print cartridges, this can also lead to poor quality print. So make sure you are not doing any of such things to avoid the poor print quality. 

Unable to print from mobile

Most of the printers have the feature to print from mobile but you need to check if your printer is eligible to do that. A wireless printer must support AirPrint that allows iOS users to print from the iPhones or iPads. Moreover, most of the printer manufacturers have provided apps to allow easy printing through their iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry devices. It is even possible to print using a non-Wi-Fi printer only if your network has a wireless access point plus a printing utility on your computer.

High Printing Costs

Printing costs mainly involve ink and paper and to reduce the costs, you need to decide what you want. If you don’t have something important to print, you can switch to draft mode and save ink. Even using double-side printing can save you paper. Buying high capacity ink cartridges can also help in saving some money as they contain more ink. You can also go for compatible ink cartridges that match the high quality of expensive original ink cartridges and will also offer you some savings.

Multi-Function won’t Print

If your MFP’s scanner is not working, it may be due to the errors with software. You can try reinstalling the software, but if the problem is still there, you need to check the Getassist.net user guide or check the manufacturer’s support page for the troubleshooting instructions. 

Printing Only Half A Page

If your printer is only printing half of the page, there could be many reasons. Just unplug the printer, switch off the computer and then restart both of them. Once everything is ready to start, try to print a self-test page. If the self-test page doesn’t print correctly, check for the additional error lights on the printer. Sometimes the error lights indicate how to deal with the problem. Also, the problem could be related to the printer or the toner or drum unit. 

Wi-Fi Printing is too slow

If Wi-Fi printing is too long, it may be possible due to the network your device is connected to. Make sure the internet you are using is giving adequate signal strength. If it is not sending the required strength, keep your printing device closer to the Wi-Fi router and then try to print again, check if the printing speed has improved. If possible, you can even switch to some other network that is working better.

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