In recent years, the number of data recovery software has increased quite a lot. While this software might not be on the list of essential tools for the novice, it certainly does for the experienced veterans of the technological industry.

Perhaps data recovery software might be the most wanted tool in the modern time when data is everything. I have been in the technology industry for the last decade and have used multiple data recovery software.

Having reviewed the recent generation of data recovery tools, I find that iBoysoft data recovery software walks ahead of time.

What Is My Take On iBoysoft Data Recovery Software?

I have been using iBoysoft data recovery software since last year. To be frank, I was quite amazed by how effective this tool is. It is an easy-to-use program that allows new users to recover a host of file types like FAT, FAT32, NTFS, and APFS.

This software also comes with features like recovery data from formatted hard drives, RAW, and deleted partitions. In fact, just recently, I got to know that it can also recover BitLocker encrypted data with ease.

This different option to recover data from any data loss scenario makes this data a safe bet for data recovery. Plus, you don’t even have to invest a lot of time to get used to all the settings and tune-up.

How to Recover Lost Data?

iBoysoft offers its data recovery services for Windows and Mac operating systems. Hence, the specific steps might differ between the two. However, in general, the following might encapsulate the necessary steps.

Step 1: Install iBoysoft data recovery software

Installing iBoysoft data recovery program is the first step to the data recovery process. While you are with the installation process, ensure that you are using the official website to download data recovery software. Do not go with any third-party downloadable links as they might contain harmful malware or ransomware.

Step 2: Secure an External Drive

Before you can start with the data recovery process, I would like you to prepare an external hard drive for the data recovery. This hard drive will be your location where the data will be recovered. You might think of using the same drive for the data recovery but restrict yourself from doing that. Doing so, you may risk overwriting the deleted data and reduce the chances of recovery. If you are pretty sure about the security of your computer, you can skip this step as well. 

Step 3: Select the Drive

O pen the software and tap into the software interface. There you will see all available drives. Select the drive or specific partition you believe in having experienced a data loss event.

Step 4: Run A Scan

Once you are ready with the drive, click on the scan to initiate the scanning process. When we are talking about the scan, iBoysoft data recovery software offers two scan modes. Each scan mode is designed for different scenarios.

  • Deep Scan: Deep scan mode is more powerful and takes a longer time to compete. It is powered by a strong algorithm and scans every byte of the digital storage device.
  • Quick Scan: Quick scan mostly focuses on the deleted data. So, if you have accidentally deleted the data, you can run an immediate quick scan to get back your data.

Step 5: Recover

After the scan is complete, all the data will be shown on your screen. Note that the list shows the combined data (both the one you want and the one you don’t want in the drive). Hence, it can be difficult to find the exact data you need to recover. 

Fortunately, iBoysoft offers multiple filters that help the users sort out the data based on date, time, and size. You can use these filters to accurately find the data. Once you have selected the files, select recover and store them in another place. 


Data recovery software developed by iBoysoft is known for its institutive interface and high success recovery rate. In addition to that, it makes the whole data recovery process easier. So, whether you are an experienced IT professional or a new leaf in the technological industry, using this software will be easy.