There are endless numbers of VPNs for Windows in the market. However, only a handful of them works as they claim to. Today, we create an all-encompassing checklist so you can purchase a reliable VPN for long-term use. Here are a few essential VPN features

Server options

A VPN for Windows requires a tunnel to establish a secure connection between the VPN’s server and the user’s terminal. The user assumes a manufactured IP address from the VPN’s web server rather than their own. As an advantage, the user can connect with any geographical location that offers a fast speed and reliable connection.


A wise VPN provider will provide connections carefully spread out throughout the world. They will range from different countries to give you multiple options, which also results in optimal server performance.


A free VPN download on the PC also offers mobile applications with similar features. The in-app and mobile support adds value to the services as it keeps all the devices safe. You can enjoy the elements at home and in public too.

Therefore, before making a VPN choice, ensure it is available on all platforms, including computers and mobile phones. You can check their website for iOS and Android compatibility. Furthermore, check out the installation instructions too. iTop VPN offers extensive guides on manual setups.

Kill switch

Even the best free VPN for Windows 10 will sometime experience disruptive connections. There could be IP leaks which expose your real IP address online. This happens when the VPN servers are overloaded.

iTop VPN comes with a kill switch that monitors the connection and keeps the user identified. It will notify when the connection drops and immediately close it to prevent sensitive information from leaking. The kill switch is an embedded feature which makes iTop VPN unique and reliable.

DNS safety

A VPN for Windows will also provide an anonymous DNS server. Domain Name System converts the address you type into the search into an understandable language for the IP address to divert traffic to your terminal.


A DNS conversion takes place by default. However, a VPN will create a false translation process to hide the IP address. It protects your terminal from unknown prying eyes, such as hackers seeking identity theft. Your passwords stay secure too.

Multiple payment plans

A cooperative VPN for Windows must not be expensive compared to its services. On the other hand, a VPN offers an affordable payment structure against yearly services. However, it would be best if you also remembered starter packages do not provide the full range of features the service advertises. Therefore, pick the option that fits the best for you.

Are you searching for a VPN for Windows?

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