Thanks to presentation sharing websites such as SharePresentation, it is now easy to access and share presentations online. However, doing so is only one part of hosting an excellent online presentation. The other part involves delivering the presentation, and this requires specific public speaking skills. One of the best ways to give a unique online presentation is to develop a speaking style that resonates with you. So, how do you ensure that you offer excellent online performances? Here’s a look at how to improve your presentation skills so that you give a killer online presentation.

How to Improve your Presentation Skills

  • The most obvious step in improving your presentation skills is practising religiously! No matter how scared you are or how busy, make sure you go over your speech multiple times. By uploading your slides onto presentation sharing websites like SharePresentation, you can make sure your audience has all the facts with them. Therefore, the most crucial part is being able to speak confidently and vivaciously, and this comes through practice.
  • Rehearse your speech multiple times and try to bring out different variations. If possible, present in front of people and get their feedback to improve your presentation. Look for ways to engage the audience and make them more interested in what you are saying. Try writing down your speech because a lot of people are more comfortable writing in a second language than talking in it. Make sure you practice delivering your speech standing up because this is how you will be doing it on stage.
  • Try to adopt a confident body language to give off the impression that you know what you are saying. Avoid droopy shoulders, nervous idiosyncrasies and lousy gait. Make sure you exude confidence because this will help the audience take you more seriously. In case you are shy and tend to sweat, carry a handkerchief up with you on stage, and wipe off the sweat.
  • Before taking the stage, calm yourself down completely. Do some breathing exercises and make sure your mind is calm. In case you are a very nervous public speaker, try to find what works best when it comes to calming your nerves. Some people tend to listen to music while others practice yoga. Find what works for you and do it before you get on stage to overcome your stage fright.
  • Remember to share your presentation online through online presentation sharing websites. Sites like SharePresentation allow you to upload your slides online. This allows the audience to have a copy of what you are presenting, which makes it easier for them to follow what you are saying effectively.
  • Listen to a few inspiring speeches by industry leaders to get an idea of what an excellent presentation is. Try to understand what strategy they are employing to hold the audience’s attention, and see if you can replicate those strategies.
  • If you are comfortable on stage, try to include a few jokes in your speech if the situation allows it. Not only will this help calm you down, but it will also help you form a better bond with them. Once the audience warms up to you, they will be more likely to pay attention to what you are saying.
  • Always make sure that you arrive early to the venue so that you are aware of how the stage looks and what the arrangements are. This will also help you get accustomed to the environment, which will help you relax when you get up on stage. Furthermore, you also get time to get familiar with the audience, which will help you connect with them better.
  • Plan how you want to interact with your audience. Do you want them to ask you questions when they feel like it, or will you set aside some time to answer their queries towards the end? Make sure your views are clearly understood by the audience so that you can interact with them efficiently.
  • Before you leave the venue, make sure you ask either the audience or the organizers for their feedback. Not only will this help you gauge your performance, but it will also help you improve your skills for future presentations.
  • Use the power of positive thinking to limit your negative thoughts and fears. It is perfectly normal to be afraid of going up on stage and delivering something. There are several tools you can use to make the process a lot easier and simpler. Visualize yourself succeeding and focus on that positive thought to power your performance.

There are certain ways to present your Presentation in very interesting way to get the audience attention:

  • Telling Stories: – You can present some stories in your presentation according to the content of the Presentation. Story telling helps a lot as nowadays the attention span is getting very low. This really helps a lot.
  • Use Statistics and Graphs: – Now, Statistics really helps a lot to present the information is a better and understandable way. Statistics and Graphs makes you speak less and to the point.
  • Your Presentation: – The way you present the presentation decides the audience engagement. Now try not to give presentation with a poker face, give presentation with a little smiling face this really helps a lot.
  • Content of the Presentation: – Write the content of the presentation in your language this will helps you in presenting a good presentation without hesitating. When you write the content in bookish language or you do spam then you will never give the fluent presentation.

Use these tips to deliver a killer presentation that will leave your colleagues and superiors beyond impressed. Also, know that it is entirely okay to mess up or be very scared your first time, as this happens to everyone. What makes an excellent presenter is the will you show to learn from your mistakes and work on yourself. Therefore, review all your performances and continue to work on your presentation skills to improve them significantly. Also, remember that while presenting is an important part, making sure the audience has a copy of your slides is also very important. Make use of presentation sharing websites like SharePresentation to share and spread your presentation slides online!

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