What is link building?

Link building is an efficient way of having your website rank higher via organic SEO methods. To understand Link Building, let’s look at the process that Google crawlers follow to crawl, index, and rank a website. 

Whenever you add any content on your website, google’s crawlers crawl the content to index it according to their categories. Each time a user looks up a query on Google, your page will show up on the SERPs if it contains the relative keywords. The trick to rank better is to include as many relevant keys as you can, avoid plagiarism (because the crawlers frown upon it), and use link building

Link building is a constant process of including links to other pages in your content or codes. Here is what happens when you do that, 

  • While crawling your webpage, the crawler finds the link to another page and jumps onto that which allows you to rank better. To understand how that happens, we’ll have to crack google’s algorithm for page ranking, which is tricky! 
  • As a user navigates from their current webpage to another, they invest their trust in your content because it allows them to authenticate what they are reading. Ofcourse, link building can be an advanced Off-page technique and pretty detailed when it comes to doing it properly. OutreachMama has released a guide on advanced link building techniques which you can implement on your campaigns. Read more about it here: https://outreachmama.com/advanced-link-building-strategies/.

What Are The Types Of Links And Which One Should you Use? 

There are two types of links;

  • Follow Links
  • NoFollow Links

We just saw how crawlers hop from one webpage to another while crawling a webpage because of link building. So, when you want a crawler to go on a webpage and rank it better, you allot a follow link to that webpage. Here is a structure to that link; 

<a href = “link to the webpage” > Name Of The Webpage </a> 

Now, when you don’t want the crawlers to hop onto the page that you’ve given a link to, you add a no-follow link. There could be a few reasons, maybe the website is sketchy or they have paid you or others. Here is a structure to that link;

<a href = “link to the webpage” rel=”nofollow”> Name Of The Webpage </a>

Now that we’ve seen the type of links let’s look at the benefits of the link building process in SEO terms. 

Page/domain authority

Effective link building strategies can increase your ranking in domain authority.  And higher domain authority will enable your website to rank higher in search engine results. We reach this conclusion by applying a simple algebraic principle called the transitive axiom. The quality of relevant links reverting to your domain is directly proportional to higher rankings in search engines. The more relevant links you have, the faster your webpage will be indexed. This increase in traffic will enable your website to gain more popularity and views

Referral traffic

Effective link building helps in enhancing referral traffics as well. Referral traffic is a procedure that reports instances of visits to your sites outside SEO. For example, other sites may recommend your products or service by inserting hyperlinks redirecting users to your site. Referral traffic achieved this way may weigh out your expectations from higher rankings in search engines.

Brand building

Useful link build ups help enhance brand awareness and authority. Link building strategies utilizing practical content creation help showcase the products and services of your company. Brand awareness created in this way goes a long way in establishing and popularizing your authority over the web. If you publish original content based on intensive research that sells or promotes your brand, readers are more likely to establish your authority.

Building relationships

Outreaching other mutual industries via your websites or blogs are an integral part of link building. An outreach often equates to the marketing or promotion of your goods or service. In this way, outreaching fosters long-term relationships with other members of the same industry, which ultimately helps in your business receiving the highly regarded stamp of trust.

Enhances trust factors

Once your brand appears on high-end publications, you can showcase your brand logos on your website—a sort of badge which proves your credibility in your industry. Display of such badges on your websites or blogs helps intensify the trust and credibility factors of your brand, which fosters increased conversion rates.


Through this blog, we’ve seen how link building is one of the core actions for SEO to have your website rank better on the SERPs. We understood the two kinds of links and the benefits of Link-Building. Remember, link building can happen via multiple content variations. It could be through Guest blogging, Networking, and other such activities. But you must follow caution while practicing this because one bad link could bring your rank down on the SERPs. To avoid such adversity, always research the website to which you’re giving a follow link. As they say, prevention is better than cure! 

You can always reach out to the best SEO company if you’re new to the world of SEO. This way, it’ll help you gain an idea about the process and not cause damage!

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