CompTIA Network + certification is the world’s leading non-vendor network certification and has become a standard certification for network professionals. Make sure you are ready for the network + CompTIA certification (exam N10-005) with this new edition of Sybex’s CompTIA Network + Review Guide. This short guide is held efficiently based on the test objectives and includes all five test domains. This book also includes 50 question review questions, as well as access to two online practice tests, and more. This is the perfect friend for Sybex’s CompTIA Network + Study Guide, second edition or network + study tool.

Help students prepare special non-vendor network certification, CompTIA Network +

This new edition is fully updated for the N10-005 exam, the latest revision of the CompTIA Network + Exam

Practice easily based on the test objectives for quick reviews

The test essence feature in each chapter to help you focus on what you need to know for the exam

Providing access to practice exams, and other practice devices

Anyone who aspires to induce into the computer network sector, network + CompTIA certification is great support for them. Obtaining CompTIA Network + certification is the starting point for candidates to be told who want to advance to achieve the top network certification track, which in particular does not have the right certification exam that includes network hardware and basic TCP / IP, etc.

Lately, CompTIA has modified the network exam + CompTIA, and it will be modified from N10-004 to N10-005. CompTIA + Network can be in the form of middle-level certification intended for network technicians, intended to examine the ability of intermediate network technicians in configuring and supporting TCP / IP clients in the provisions of network design, installation, cable, support, and problem solving support.

The Network + CompTIA certification exam always checks network technician skills to install, maintain, support, and solve network problems and get a variety of network technology together with TCP / IP and OSI models. In fact, the exam also includes these areas and also checks the knowledge of network elements and wherever they appear in relationships with the OSI model, network security, network cable installations and network troubleshooting.

What changes made in CompTIA Network + N10-005 certification exam?

N10-005 new network + test has a duration of 90 minutes and consists of 100 questions. The format of all questions is multiple choice. One requires an assessment of 720 points from 100-900 points that can be achieved. You can get points for the correct answer but there is no negative sign for the wrong answer. All the aspects described are similar to before (equal to N10-004).

This amendment is in the fact that before, there is no real prerequisite needed to qualify for taking the + network exam. Although, currently CompTIA suggests 9 months of computer network-related experience and A + CompTIA certification.

There is no significant amendment that has been made, but cannot be said that there are no changes in the least change, not severe as expected to be focused or in content. Some new things are a clear or straight part of a subject or thus associated with the network that they have regular inclusion in comprehensive sources of coaching and preparation. The new Net Work + exam is not surprising for those who are familiar with the network concept and previously prepared using N10-004 resources. In fact, someone will continue to choose CompTIA Network + training to accelerate his preparations and achieve certification.

Given the big N + request in business, some feel very important to increase or start generating N + certification from the start. Although 9 months of computer network-related experience is regulated by CompTIA as a suggestion before taking the + network examination but not everyone combines the schedule to regulate long working hours and money for work. As a result, various kinds of alternative IT + certification searches that rely on the type of Mandiri study mode. Interactive examination tools and interactive assessments such as questions & answers, practice tests, virtual laboratories, visuals and audio for CompTIA N + tests are used most of the time as a remote e-learning sheet.

CompTIA certification is usually a lot of basic and fewer products that are right compared to alternative IT certification. You will take the + network certification exam, and its alternative certification in various test centers around the world.