There are people who want to write and publish their content but they don’t have access to a quality platform. This problem can be solved by getting you a nice and unique platform for your needs to express. You can express your ideas and unique connections to the world by finding a digital channel. Express your thoughts and unique ideas and let the world be known that you are capable of writing. The problem that persists with many writers is that they don’t have a voice. They just have thoughts and ideas but nowhere to express them. This problem can easily be solved with the help of our guest post service.

Little did you know that after some of the years, you will have an internet connection. This internet would be full of surprising ideas, images, content, and innovative videos. This is where you can start and this is the only place where you can have a voice. If your idea is good enough, we will help reach it to millions of people around the world. Not everyone can write and we don’t just publish anyone’s content without checking it twice or even thrice. Our services for the guest posts have some outlines that you need to follow. You’ll find everything in this post, so keep engaged.

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What do we Look for?

People say that the guest post service must accept everything and they should not reject anyone’s blog post. Well, this is not entirely true. We all have guidelines and rules to follow just like you. There are some things that we have to keep in mind while uploading your guest post or a simple blog.

We get many submissions and emails from global influencers, brands, internet stores and others. You must know that we have to scrutinize every detail and find the right one for the post. We might not reply to every email there but we will check each and everyone of you. You all should know what are we looking for.

– We get emails, messages, and calls from many people saying that their submission is not accepted. They ask the reason for that, well, it is right in front of you. All you need to do is look at it attentively. If you’re going to write for us then write for the things that we accept. You can check out the topics that cover lifestyle, business, graphics, SEO, WordPress, and even other related topics. What we don’t accept is articles about gambling, sexual assault, adult content and other scams.

– Our audience is highly engaging and they respond to every content we publish. Your content should be fine and we don’t want any useless contents for our audience. We keep it very simple for them and our people are loyal to us. They read everything that we post here. If your guest post is just not worthy of their read then we will ignore your email.

– Always include pictures and innovative graphics in your website. If you don’t then your guest post will look very dull and no one will read it. So remember to include links, video, graphics, and other references that make your guest post beautiful.

– Our guest blogging service is all about helping people so if you have something that you want us try, then text us. We will happily review any app or website that you have and then post reviews about it. Make sure to send a free beta version or at least a promo code for that particular app or web application. If we tried everything and bought it then we’d be broke.

– Kindly refrain from sending messages like are you interested? Of course if your content is amazing then we must be interested in publishing it. You can find hundreds of other websites that offer paid guest posting services but we only accept quality guest posts.

– Business opportunities are our favorite and we pay a lot of attention to those emails which have an opportunity in them. You can say that this is our favorite niche. If you send us a business proposal and it is interesting then we will contact you ourselves. But if not then don’t ask us why or when are you going to respond? Because we won’t. Wait for us to reply and if we don’t get back to you in 7 business days then we aren’t interested.

– Each and every one of you is welcome to submit your blog or article but be sure that this isn’t already posted on our website. We need fresh and new content so don’t just spin old cookies and think we will accept it. Try to generate fresh content and fresh news. People want new stuff every day.

– Don’t ask us if you’re interested in a business opportunity or not. We don’t want to reply to such emails, all we want is serious users. We will only reply if we think that your business is worth it.

Guest posting services are all about time and opportunity. You should be as concise as possible because we don’t waste our time on lengthy projects. Your email should be to the point and your concern must be mentioned in the subject. All you need is some common sense while emailing us, that’s all.

Requirements for Our Guest Post Service

Now that you know what kind of content do we look for in our blogger outreach services. It will be easier for you to understand our values and requirements. You can find hundreds of editing mistakes in the guest posts we rejected before. You will find all the details in the requirements section below. So read it before you even try to submit any post to us. Make sure that you have given it a read before even writing a guest post. This is not some rocket science so feel free to express your doubts to us. If you require any changes in our acceptance criteria.

– We don’t accept badly written articles. Our articles have the highest number of views and clicks so that gives you an idea about our service. We don’t accept the articles that were slapped together in a few minutes. We need articles that express something and this is what our guest posting service is all about.

– You don’t need to be a physicist or a scientist to know this point. There is a high chance that you already know this but we still want to confront you, NO PLAGIARISM will be tolerated at all. We need to know who is writing that particular post. If we check out your post and later find out that you mislead us then we will take it down ASAP. So be sure that your article or post is 100 percent unique.

– We are not accepting guest posts with zero interest and that were rewritten watching other articles. What we look for is something unique and ebullient. Don’t expect us to even reply if your service is not up to the mark. We believe that you are good and your business idea is great but the way you are expressing it needs attention. Edit and then sent us.

– The Article should match our quality of other posts, if your article is not up to the mark then it won’t be accepted. Make sure you check all our posts and then write a post that matches our quality of posting.

– Your article should have at least one bullet point segment. It is okay if there isn’t but we will prefer that there should be one. We need fresh content but they also should be able to capture our user’s attention, we don’t want uninteresting posts. Our users get bored of ordinary guest posts.

– Your articles shouldn’t be very brief. Our audience likes to hear the whole story ad we want them to know every viewpoint of it so please don’t keep it very short and simple. A proper guest post should be 1000 words or more. There is another possibility if you look at it our way, you send us a topic and also pay us to write it for you. Our team of expert content writers will be readily available to write your guest post.

– Always include related images, keywords, links to our other posts, and comments. There is a lot of ongoing discussion about the COVID 19 then post relevant statistics about it.

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Paid Guest Posts

You will need extra exposure if you’re pitching a new idea to the customers. Many readers need to see relatable posts according to their interests. You need professional writers to look for new ideas and then pitch them into words. We will make sure that if you buy guest posts then you will get the right exposure for it. We will see to it that your guest post will be at the top with our home page display. Contact us through emails and share your business ideas and guest posts with us to get what you are looking for.